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Calling for his freedom, al-Hasakah people decry world conspiracy on Ocelan

AL-HASAKAH- “Let the conspirators fall, long live leader Apo, we vowed to break Imrali’s system and live freely with leader Apo, we will break the chains of the international conspiracy with leader Abdullah Ocelan’s freedom” with these words, thousands of al-Hasakah people, chanting, have taken to streets calling for the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan’s freedom and condemning the conspiracy.HSK-GELE-HESEKE-AZADIA-OCELAN-XWEST (1)

Thousands of al-Hasakah people related to Cizîre region’s people of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs have flowed to streets to call for the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan’s freedom and denouncing the international conspiracy that targeted him, people held the pictures of the Kurdish people Ocelan and banners calling for his freedom and many other Rojavan flags and symbols.

The demonstration started from Sinkalo Square in Tel Hajer and people marched calling for Ocelan’s freedom and condemning the international conspiracy.

Stopping at the Şehîd Serhad Square, a minute of silence was held, then the administrative in the TEV-DEM Hasan Koçer delivered a speech, Koçer expressed he is proud of al-Hasakah people and their eagerness on Ocelan’s freedom.

Koçer also pointed out that the Kurdish people leader, despite the fact that he is imprisoned in the fascist Turkish jails, he is free in his perspectives, his philosophy, a clear example is the democratic nation principle that the people have taken as a base against the mercenaries.   HSK-GELE-HESEKE-AZADIA-OCELAN-XWEST (5)

Koçer added that despite the conspirators’ plots, it failed, due to the sacrifices of the martyrs who adopted the philosophy of Ocelan” this conspiracy failed because Ocelan exists in every body’s heart in Rojava.

Imrali has turned from a prison into a school of democratic nation, struggle, fraternity of peoples due to the philosophy and mindset of the leader Ocelan.

The demonstration ended in chanting slogans that called for Abdullah Ocelan’s freedom and condemned the international conspiracy.