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Calls for bringing Turkey to trial


AFRIN- co-presidency deputy of the Executive Council in Afrin canton Abdul Hamid Mustafa said that the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gone too far supporting terrorism, he is even embodying terrorism itself now.

The co-president deputy Abdul Hamid Mustafa’s statements came about the recent violation of the Turkish occupying army on Afrin canton and Shahba regions.

The deputy described the Turkish offensive as immoral saying” the Turkish state keeps over and over again trying to take control and impose its authority on Rojava in different means which are completely inhuman and immoral, as it has violated the borders between the Turkish state and Syria”.

Mustafa noted that the Turkish offensive is considered a violation to the international standards” the Turkish intervention is explicitly breaking international standards, and would not be content with cutting olive trees, it is also shelling savagely Afrin and Shahba with tanks and warplanes now”.

Mustafa explained that the late Turkish offensives on Rojava doubtlessly indicate their support for terrorism, and it turns out that Erdogan’s mask has fallen and is clearly supporting terrorism, and is violating the integrity of Rojava lands while the world is watching from a distance amid fatal world silence.

The co-president deputy Abdul Hamid Mustafa pointed out that the aim of this attack is failing the federal project” Erdogan is aware that we are holding a just issue, since we proposed the democratic federal, which is preserving all citizens’ rights, so it is aiming to fail this project by these offensives and continuous shelling and targeting civilians”.

Abdul Hamid Mustafa concluded appealing to human rights organizations to stand not motionless before the tyrant Erdogan’s acts and hold him accountable for these terrorist, inhuman attacks against Rojava-North Syria”.