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Celebrations, meetings for electoral propaganda continue

KOBANI– The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) continues a series of events and activities related to the electoral process to explain the nature of the elections and how to participate effectively in the communes as the elections are approaching, TEV-DEM also urged the people to go to the ballot boxes to vote.KOBANE-SAHI-U-CIVIN-TENE-LIDARXISTIN1 ‫(128516612)‬ ‫‬

As part of the election campaign and the upcoming elections, the communes scheduled for September 22, the Democratic Movement Society organized three celebrations in the center of Kobani and the village of Kharbestan east of the city of Kobani.

At the outset, all the participants started a minute of silence, followed by a speech delivered by the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of Kobani canton Khalid Barkal and the Co-Chair of the TEV-DEM’s Council in Kobani canton Aisha Affandi.

The words noted that the achievements in Rojava were the result of the sacrifices made by Rojava people and the Syrian north of all its components and spectra as the peoples of the area stood together and united their efforts to reach the current stage within the area.

The words confirmed that the project of north Syria is currently being subjected to fierce attacks by the enemies of the peoples of north Syria, but it is not in their interest to try to distort these achievements and benefits by claiming a north Syrian federation aimed at dividing Syria. All their bets fell flat by the victories achieved by Syrian Democratic Forces in Iraq.KOBANE-SAHI-U-CIVIN-TENE-LIDARXISTIN1 ‫(128516609)‬ ‫‬

The statement pointed to the need for participation of everybody in the elections scheduled for September 22 which will be the first of its kind as it is the result of the great sacrifices of the peoples of the area. The words urged people to participate effectively in these elections.

In the same context, dozens of vehicles carrying the flags of the TEV-DEM and banners calling for the participation of the people in the elections which started from the center of the city and headed towards the cemetery of the martyr Dijla, then marched to the Free Women’s Square through the village of Helinj, then, the vehicles parked in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Society Movement east of the city.

Vehicles headed then towards the cemetery of the martyr Dijla and then to the Free Women’s Square through the village of Helinj, afterwards, the vehicles stopped in front of the headquarter of the Democratic Society Movement in the east of the city.