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Child labor is a disaster that threatens their future


GIRKÊ-LEGÊ – With the continuation of the campaign to combat child labor, the concerned civil institutions in Girkê Legê area have identified more than 100 children names who have dropped out of schools and work in various professions. While the concerned institutions are seeking to communicate with the people and provide alternatives to curb this phenomenon.GIRKE_CAMPANIYE_QEDEXKIRINE_KARE_ZAROKE (4)

Autonomous Administration’s bodies, in cooperation with the Workers Union in al-Jazeera canton is supervising a campaign, which began on 20 October under the slogan “Together to combat child labor”, included a number of al-Jazeera cities, which included the distribution of awareness leaflets as well as documentation of the numbers and names minors working in various actions.

In Girkê Legê area, the campaign began last week in coordination with members of a number of civil institutions and neighborhood communes. The campaign included the distribution of awareness leaflets in the city market and neighborhoods, especially in the industrial area, where the phenomenon of underage children is widespread.

Negative results and suggested solutions

The leaflets distributed to parents included slogans such as “I have the right to learn,” and I have the right to play “in addition to explaining the negative consequences of child workers, including” changes in the growth and physical development of the child, the decline of cognitive, emotional, moral and social development.

It also included a number of solutions, such as the application of national and international laws and regulations concerning the employment, exploitation and education of children and the creation of an environment conducive to encouraging parents and children to educate by means of intensifying beneficial information programs and providing workers with opportunities for families and assistance.

Social contract and women’s laws guarantee the rights of the childGIRKE_CAMPANIYE_QEDEXKIRINE_KARE_ZAROKE (2)

The Article 29 of the Social Contract includes “the right to childhood, the prevention of child labor, exploitation, physical and psychological torture and early marriage.”

Article 19 of the Women’s law provides “the criminalization of the trafficking of children and women of all kinds and the imposition of severe punishment on the perpetrators.

And include all kinds of trafficking

-Sexual exploitation

-Child labor

– Trafficking in human organs)

And the penalty between imprisonment for 3 years and life imprisonment and a fine of (500,000 – 4,000,000) SP and doubled in case of repetition. “In addition to the Penal Code, Employment of children under the age of 18.

Document of 100 name of working childrenGIRKE_CAMPANIYE_QEDEXKIRINE_KARE_ZAROKE (6)

The campaign work to eliminate the causes that lead families to the employment of their children in coordination with the Office of Humanitarian Affairs and neighborhood ‘s communes and villages to provide the necessary support to families to ensure that these families are not required to work for their children.

According to the workers’ committee and the Office of Humanitarian Affairs, the names of about 100 working children were monitored and documented in Girkê Legê city, so that most of them work in occupations beyond their physical capabilities.

Rahma Suleiman, a member of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs, said that child labor is a social disaster and that they will seek to continue efforts to curb this phenomenon.