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Children suffering in al-Raqqa camps amid lack of help


AL-TABQA- Dust storms and polluted water in al-Towayhna camp northwest of al-Raqqa, in addition to that, many children have been affected with eye diseases, even worse, some children are unable to open their eyes. TEPQA-REWSA-ZAROKAN-HER-DICE-XIRAB-DIBE1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Al-Towayhna camp comprises around 5 thousand refugees most have fled the regime-held areas like Maskana, Palmyra, al-Sakhna and Daraa and others who fled IS-held areas in al-Raqqa city.

Al-Towayna camp lacks drinkable clean water which forces people to bring water from a nearby lake for drinking and washing, and many medicines in the medical point beside the camp are missing amid relief and world organizations’ complete ignorance to the refugees’ situation.

Dust storms are also hitting the area due to its desert nature, consequently, children are suffering from severe eye allergy and are unable to open their eyes which is an omen of losing sight completely if organizations continue their suspicious ignoring of their suffering.

Most children under 10 are suffering from sore eyes, Manal Saba al-Khalaf a refugee child from al-Raqqa city.

Manal is 8, living in the camp since 15 days when the camp was opened, she was affected with severe eye allergy and is unable to open her eyes and needs a guide to lead her.

Manal sitting by her sisters and mother, she is unable to move by herself, the hygiene committee in the camp cannot even provide any services to Manal.