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Citizens: Afrin will resist an anti-imperialist line




AFRIN – A number of residents  from Shara  pointed that the resistance of age is achieved every day new victories It is impossible that the Turkish state can break the will of the people as long as believes in his cause, which he defended, stressing that as Iamrali resisted the fascist Turkish will also resist the people.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interveiws with the residents of Shara district in Afrin canton talking  about the attacks launched by Turkish occupation refering to the violations committed by the Turkish occupation and the legendary steadfastness of the people in the face of brutal aggressiion

Hamid Jarrah, a resident of the village of Sinka of believers in the Yezidi religion, said that the Turkish army is waging a war of genocide against the people of Afrin, noting that the Turkish airliner is flying in the atmosphere of the canton while talking to the camera of our agency’s (ANHA), pointing the world’s attention to what is happening in Afrin calling them to stand with the line Democracy against the biggest supporter of terrorism resistance in Afrin will win the opinion of those who support it will win in the end.

He denounced the wounds of the Turkish aggression and the war of genocide on Afrin. He said: “The olive tree is a blessed tree that shows peace and the people of Afrin are the owners of the olives and the advocates of peace over time.” He warned Erdogan that he would only earn “the branches of the pain  “

Reem al-Taweel, who is part of the Arab component in the area of evil touched on the situation in the field, which lives in the region, noting that the warplanes flying daily in the sky and targeting the villages and towns and infrastructure in  Shara district water purification station in Matiana village in addition to artillery shelling does not stop the villages of the district

Reem said that the people together and cohesion managed to solve all the problems they faced, whether in terms of securing food, water or other necessities of life, and it was always the strongest support for the fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG YPJ), stressing that they would not leave their land. Village and other, but the resistance is increasing day by day and will not stop until victory, noting that they have a cause and the right to win.

Jamal Sheiko also from the people of Shara district stressed that it is impossible to separate (YPG)and the grassroots supported by the people of the canton, so the fighters are Afran people, the righteous and the people support their children as much as possible to stand up to the blatant aggression. The battle today in Afrin is a battle of existence or not.

For her part, Fatima Mohammed Suleiman that the Turkish fascism and over two decades tried to break the will of the leader of the United Nations Abdullah Ocelan failed and the leader’s will was above all conspiracies and all the auctions and bets and today in Afrin embodied that will in the resistance Afrin based on the thought and philosophy of Ocelan resistance will prevail no matter how long Time