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Civilians wounded, fire broke out by Turkish shelling on Afrin


AFRIN – Turkish shelling on Afrin canton and its villages resulted in wounding 2 civilians, one is critically wounded, moreover, fire broke out causing damage due to the shelling.

The Turkish occupation army repeated its shelling on Afrin canton villages and its center at 14:15, Qastal Jando and Qatma in Shera district and al-Ashrafiyah neighborhood in Afrin canton center have been shelled.

2 civilians were wounded in the shelling on Afrin canton center; Yamin Koy at 19 and Dogan Hanan at 30, the wounded were taken to Avrin Hospital to receive treatment.

A fire broke out in the center of Afrin canton due to the shelling, immediately fire fighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire.

Some sourced told our agency that the Turkish occupation has been intensifying military reinforcements in Kilis align to Azaz on Saturday morning some hours before shelling Afrin canton and its villages with shells and cannons.

Intermittent shelling is still witnessed every now and then.