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Clashes and shelling on Afrin region outskirts

AL-SHAHBA/AFRIN– The revolutionary forces foiled an attempt of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries to sneak into Maranaz village in al-Shahba canton amid continuous shelling on Afrin canton.

Some special sources told ANHA that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attempted to sneak into Maranaz village in al-Shahba canton, but their attempt failed after they were targeted by the revolutionary forces which impelled them retreat, on the one hand.

On the other hand, Ain Daqna was shelled with dozens of artillery bombs and Dushkas, in addition, al-Baylouniya, Sheikh Issa villages and Arfad area starting from Kaljibreen and Mare’ axes, while the revolutionary forces responded to the shelling without knowing the exact mass of damage in the ranks of the mercenaries.

The Turkish artillery also targeted al-Samouqa village and a number of villages around al-Shahba dam with dozens of shells late on Saturday which left material damage.

In coincidence with the mercenaries’ attacks on al-Shahba canton and Afrin canton’s villages on the eastern and northern fronts, clashes broke out between People Protection Units and Women Protection Units on the one hand, and the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries on the western front in Janders area after the mercenaries targeted the YPG and YPJ points there.

No reports of any losses among the mercenaries were obtained till now.