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Clashes , shelling in a number of Syrian cities

NEWS DESK- A number of Syrian cities witnessed clashes amid the control of the regime forces on some areas, and intensified the forces of the regime bombed by aircraft and missiles on the countryside of Idlib and East Ghouta.

In Latakia , heavy and medium machinegun fire was exchanged after midnight on Friday, on the axis of the al-Akrad mountain in the northern Latakia countryside, between the regime forces and armed groups amid the bombing of the regime forces to the positions of militants.

In Suwayda, unknown militants targeted their vehicles, several vehicles near the Faculty of Agriculture in the western countryside of Suwayda,, resulting in the loss the life of two citizens  and injury three.

The regime also renewed its rocket fire after midnight on Thursday on areas in the outskirts of Jisr al-Shughour city and its countryside in the western countryside of Idlib. They also targeted areas in the vicinity of the town of Baddama, located in the western bridge, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, no casualties were reported.

In Hama city, regime’s forces this morning bombed places in Latamna town, in the northern countryside of Hama..

In the capital Damascus, warplanes launched after midnight on Friday in Harasta city and its outskirts .