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Cleaning barley of impurities preparing for new season


AFRIN – The farmers in the Sherawa district began to cleanEFRIN-SIREWA-HAZIRTI-JI-BO-MOSEME ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

barley grain from impurities in preparation for the new season.

Sherawa district in Afrin canton in Afrin region is known for its cheese and milk products due to the big number of shepherds in the district so many families especially the shepherds and farmers rely on the cultivation of barley to insure forage for the livestock while the surplus is sold in the region.

At this month of every year, the farmers in the district begin cleaning the barley grain of impurities in preparation for planting it for the new season.

The impurities are cleaned mechanically or manually, and farmers use the manual means as manual spraying automatically through special checking machines in the factories of the area.

After cleaning, the cleaned grain is put in special nylon bags of barley with a capacity of 75 kg, and it is sprayed with special drugs to prevent the insects from entering it fearing of puncturing the embryo of the grain.

Barley cultivation is widespread in the villages of the Sherawa district; Beneh, Jelbera, Basle, Aqiba, and Keshtar. The crop is planted in wide parts of Afrin region in general. Before planting the barley, the land is farmed once in November, and it is planted by two way, either mechanically using a tractor or manually by spraying.

Due to the lack of well water in the district especially in the highlands, farmers rely on rainwater in growing their crops.

Barley is sold in local markets at different prices, depending on their quality. The bag which weighs 75 kg is sold at 3500 S.P.