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Coalition forces’ silence encourages Turkey to continue attacks


NEWS DESK- personalities from the Syrian opposition condemned the Turkish bombardment on Rojava-North Syria, and they considered that the global coalition forces’ silence about Turkish attacks encourages Turkey to continue its acts. The Syrian opposition also noted that Turkey looks for justifications for more intervening in Syrian north. HESAM-ELUS

The Syrian opponent Hussam Alloush stated in a special statement to Hawar news agency after the Turkish bombardment on Qereçox area in Rojava “after Erdogan became a dictator, he would perform this dictatorship as a political act after taking the green light from America. This act came to strike the Democratic Autonomous Administration in north of Syria continuously for the aim of destabilizing and weakening stability. Alloush added ” Turkey’s unrestrained acts tolerated by Americans assures us that their interests are the base”.MERAM-DAWUD

Alloush called for changing the alliances and start new alliances with Russia and he continued “I call for vigilance and caution from the American ally, work on changing the alliances and its priorities, and at the same time attempt to open alliance relationships with Russians instead of Americans”.

The member of the General Secretariat of the Democratic National Congress Maram Dawod noted that Turkey searches for justifications to intervene more in the Syrian north and said “we hope the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) would hold on because the Turkish searches for justifications to intervene more”.MISTEFA-QELECI

The head of Change and Renaissance Party Mustafa Qalaji stated “Turkey is still practicing its policy in targeting Kurds and it would not change this policy especially after the last referendum and constitutional reforms that empowered Erdogan more”.

And Mustafa added “unfortunately, the United States and in spite of its military bases and forces existing in north of Syria, it stands silent about the Turkish attacks. And it seems that the American administration headed by Donald Tramp would not collide with Turkey at the moment so we must not depend on the American power to protect us, rather, we must depend on our will and forces”.

Mustafa Qalaji concluded “we all owe to the martyrs’ souls who preserve the safety and security of the area against all the sorts of IS or Turkish terrorism and others”.