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Cold ruthless displaced Ain Issa camps, organizations ignore

GIRE SIPI (TEL- ABYED) –  Refugee s suffering is increasing day by day approaches the winter and most of the tents in the camp are old , amid the continued neglect of organizations.GIRESPI-ESEN-KOCBERAN-DI-ZIVISTANI-DE (5)

In the Ain Issa distirct camp, which includes two sections, the first for the  displaced  of al- Raqqa city and the second for the Deir –ez –Zor .  more 22.000 are residing now .Displaced persons have distributed over two thousand and 300 tents most  of them need to renovation  because of it was old

With the onset of winter and rainfall, especially in the Ain  Issa area, which is characterized by a cold climate, the displaced in Ain Issa camp  are suffereing from extreme cold, especially during the night, and their  suffers are greatly exacerbated.

Ain Issa camp is suffering from its limit potential , and displaced people expressed their resntment of lack of blankets and sponges, lack of heating, and most of the tents, which do not prevent the leakage of rainwater during the rains.GIRESPI-ESEN-KOCBERAN-DI-ZIVISTANI-DE (4)

In this regard, the  Co- Chair of the Ain Issa Jalal Ayaf refugee camp appealed to the relief organizations and the concerned parties to provide support and assistance to the displaced, especially from the heating, and explained their inability to provide assistance to the displaced and help them .