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Commission of services in al-Jarnyia ended distribution of heating fuel

AL-TABQA  – The Services Committee of the Civil Council in the northwestern corner of the class has finished distributing fuel for heating to the residents and to the displaced.TEPQA-KOMITIYA-KARKIRINE -LI CIRNYE (2)

About 444,200 liters of heating oil were distributed to 2221 families on the three lines of Saykool Mahmudly al-Garniya.

The Service Committee also distributed 5,600 liters to more than 30 displaced families residing in al-Jarniya   and its countryside.

The head of the services committee in the civil council in al-Jarniya Ahmed Issa al-Faraj said that the distribution  fuel used for heating  was llocated for the purpose of heating fully on the people and will begin distribution of diesel fuel for agriculture.

It is worth noting that the services committee started last month with the distribution of heating oil, which ended in a month.