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Commune opens market at Afrin’s Mobata district

AFRIN – In order to reduce the distance to the people of the villages of the area of Mobata to fulfill their needs, the Service Committee in the commune “Martyr Badrakhan” village (Araba) is opening a popular market, during a ceremony.MEBATA-VAKERINA-SOKR-LE-GENDE-ARABE (2)

At the request of the residents, the communes are working in Afrin region with all their efforts. In the context of their   works and activities serving the community, commune opened “Martyr Badrakhan” in the village of (Araba) opened a popular market for the people of the Mobata area, as they were suffering from the problem of distance from markets in the canton center and not available in the district.

Dozens of people attended the opening ceremony of the market which is located in the courtyard of the village of (Araba), and the ceremony began by cutting the opening ribon by the children of the martyrs amidst mothers’ trills.MEBATA-VAKERINA-SOKR-LE-GENDE-ARABE (1)

After that followed by the wandering of the people on the carpets displayed in the market, which included all the supplies needed by the villagers.

The market will be opened every Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.