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comprehensive plan to rehabilitate forests in al-Tabqa


AL-TABQA- The Agriculture Directorate that works in the Economic Body in the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area started working to maintain the sector of the forestry wealth in al-Tabqa area.   HMEDI-ALEBDULAH-300x169

The sector has been devastated and looted at the hands of the mercenary gangs who successively dominated the area.

In this context, the manager of Agriculture Directorate the engineer Hamidi al-Abdullah made it clear that al-Tabqa area contains 28 forest sites with a space of 12,000 hectors, and two million forest trees, in addition to about 35,000 fruitful trees most of them are olive trees, and these sites have been damaged and looted, in addition to the operations of cutting the trees.

The directorate is cooperating with the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area to rehabilitate the forest sites; the forest nursery that is located in al-Grin area west of al-Tabqa city, in addition to the poultry farms of Abu Qubei’ in the eastern countryside of al-Tabqa.

In this concern, the Agriculture Directorate is considering the purchase of a number of water pumps instead of those that have been looted and stolen.

In the context of working on rehabilitating the forest sites, the directorate strives at watering the trees through modern drip irrigation systems.