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Condolences offered to the families of five martyrs in Tabqa

TABQA – Tabqa locals expressed condolences to the families of five martyrs.

Hundreds of Tabqa city citizens expressed their condolences to the families of freedom heroes, Martyr Fewaz El-Salih (Ebû Hesen), Martyr Ehmed El-Husên (Ebû Hesen), Martyr Reed Hemûd (Ezdar), Martyr Xezwan Umer (Xezwan Reqa), and Martyr Mehmûd Mihemed Hemûd (Birûsk), who were all martyred in the Jazira Storm Campaign.

The mother of Martyr Fewaz El-Salih, who gave a speech during the condolence visit, stated that she was honored by his son’s martyrdom and that said that he had sacrificed his life for the sacred lands.

At the same time, families of martyrs and the Internal Affairs Committee representatives gave a speech and emphasized that they were proud of their martyrs, noting the sacrifices of the martyrs.

The condolence visit ended with slogans.