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Consolidating women’s laws to reduce violence’

DERIK- Dozen Women in Dêrik have participated in a public meeting called by the Kongra Star in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.DRK_CIVINA_TUNDIYA_LI_DIJI_JINAN (1)

The meeting, which was organized in Dejlah Center for Culture and Art in the city began to stand a moment of silence followed by a documentary film about the women’s struggle history against various forms of violence against them. The documentary has also included an overview of the  women struggle in Rojava in various domains of life.
The Administrator at the Kongra Star in Dêrik Fatima Soliman spoke during the meeting on the forms of violence against women and their social and historical causes and their negative consequences for women.DRK_CIVINA_TUNDIYA_LI_DIJI_JINAN (2)
Fatima Soliman stressed the importance of enhancing the awareness and knowledge of women to confront violence through training courses.

In the same context, the administrator spoke at the Kongra Star Zeinab Dêrik  at the meeting and touched upon the legal mechanisms that would reduce the persistence of violence against women. Zeinab Dêrik stressed that the establishment of women’s laws have been issued by Autonomous Administration would reduce violence against women.
The meeting ended with slogans saluting women’s resistance.