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Council of al-Mansoura town continues organizing peoples’ affaires


Al-TABQA- Council of al-Mansoura’s town, located in the eastern countryside of al-Tabqa city since its opening in July 28 last year, continues to organize the services of the town in cooperation with Democratic Autonomous Administration in al-Tabqa.

The Mansoura town Council oversees 24 neighborhoods councils includes all the committees that are distributed in Mansoura and the surrounding area. During the past 5 months, the council has carried out a number of activities at the organizational and service levels, including opening of People municipality in al-Mansoura, opening the water unit, activating the health clinic, and Women House and making a statistic for the population of al-Mansoura town, which reached 4,350 families.DILAL-MOUHAMED

The Co-chair al-Mansoura town Council Dilal Mohammed Dibo that “the council now works to organize the electric workshops in aim to widen the amount of the work and setups the electric transition lines to work when the electricity reaches from al-Hurria dam which is located near the town.

During the next days the Council of al-Mansoura town, in cooperation with the service committee will oversee the distribution of the diesel fuel to the residents who live in an al-Mansoura town and also for displaced people after ending the distribution of diesel fuel in al-Tabqa city last week.