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Course started after the martyr “Abu Amjad”

MANBIJ- The Martyr Ismail Mousa Intellectual Academy opened its ninth training course in the city of Manbij, under the name of the Manbij Military Council’s martyr commander Adnan Abu Amjad which included 44 trainees.

The course was inaugurated in the Academy of Martyr Ismail Musa Academic Academy in the city of Manbij, carrying the name of martyr Abu Amjad, with the participation of 15 trainees and 29 trainees of the members of the institutions and civil administration committees in the city of Manbij and countryside.

The course is scheduled to last 15 consecutive days, during which trainees will receive intellectual lessons on “the importance of training, terminology, natural society, the history of the Middle East, special war, capitalism, culture and ethics, the democratic nation and federalism”.