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DAA Women Coordination took crucial decisions 

KOBANI- Women Coordination of Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Rojava three cantons took a number of crucial decisions in its annual meeting majorly stressing on supporting the North-Syria federation and supporting al-Shahba areas women.KOBANE-KOGIRA-STER-BIRYAREN-UIJIBO-SALA-NU (2)

DAA Women Coordination in the three cantons (Afrin, Cizîre, and Kobanî) has held its annual meeting in the center of the Executive Council of the DAA in Kobani canton to evaluate its activities and discuss women situation in the three cantons.

Heyfa Arabo co-governor of Cizîre canton, Berwin Muhamad member of Legislative Divan of Cizîre, and from Kobani canton Foziyah Abdi the co-chair of the Legislative Council in Kobani, deputy of Executive Council head Berivan Hasan, Women Body head Amina Baker, co-chair of People Municipality Zahra Barkal, Judiciary Council head Nusra Khalil took part in the meeting, while Afrin canton members have joined the meeting via skype.KOBANE-KOGIRA-STER-BIRYAREN-UIJIBO-SALA-NU (3)

After discussing political and regulatory issues mentioned in the Coordination’s report, and discussing the activities of the coordination carried out over a year, discussions were opened then about new schedules where many decisions were taken.

Major decisions taken are:

  • Supporting al-Shahba regions, raising awareness, establishing collective societies and supporting other simple projects.
  • Completion of establishing a women justice council for the three cantons.
  • Completing implementation of co-presidency within DAA system institutions.
  • Supporting north Syria federation.
  • Launching joint campaigns in Women’s Day in March 8.
  • Strengthening and activating direct coordination between women institutions in the three canton.
  • Studying and investigating women killing cases, and their cause, in addition to searching for sound solutions.