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Daraya agreement, another scenario of attacking Rojava


QAMISHLO -Ibrahim Barakat a Kurdish writer and journalist said that Daraya agreement between the Baathist regime and its mercenaries is not but another attempt from Turkey and Assad regime to complicate the status quo in syria.

The first evacuation of residents in the Damascene countryside of Daraya was carried out yesterday, including 4,000 civilians and some of the armed groups.

Barakat evaluated this step as another attempt to complicate the status quo more and more.

Groups trapped in Daraya to be sent fighting Rojava

Barakat said that both the Baathist regime and Turkey are attempting to mobilize their forces in order to launch attacks on Rojava regions, thus preventing the aspirations of Rojava peoples in forming their own political body according to their own will.

Barakat explained that these attempts have been carried out many times and its consequences were apparent.

The regime is evacuating, Turkey mobilizing

Ibrahim Barakat recalled to mind an event of last year when armed groups and civilians were evacuated from Zabadani in the Damascene countryside for breaking the siege on Foaa’ and Kafriya in the southern countryside of Adlib, and the mercenaries were sent to Rojava borders to fight against Kurds.

Barakat pointed out that the Baathist regime is clearing the Damascene countryside of these groups and sending them to Rojava, while the Turkish state will be mobilizing and providing requirements for the attacks on Rojava, and this time starting from Jarablus.

Results of this policy will be no different from others

The writer Ibrahim Barakat concluded saying that this policy will not succeed just like others, in an indication to the attacks previously launched by these different groups ending in defeating them and collapsing before the fighting forces in Rojava.

Barakat called the international community to realize the fact that Rojava peoples have decided their fate, which is embodied in the democratic federation of Rojava, and all schemes plotted against Rojava will fail.