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Daughter of martyr Hana Abdul Karim Saqer “On my mother’s path I will walk”



GIRÊ SIPÎ- Nahla Jalal Kheder the daughter of the martyr Hana Abdul-Karim Saqer, who has become a symbol of Arab women in defense against IS mercenaries, pointing out that she will walk on her mother’s path to retrieve all the women’s rights and support them.

Saqer, 45 years old, from the Arabic component, was born in Jazrat al-Bu Shames village of Deir ez-Zor city. She married at a 21-year-old from Khedr and gave birth to 8 children, two boys and 6 girls. During the IS mercenaries’ occupation, the mercenaries raided her house on charges of dealing with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) the mercenaries have killed her son Mohammad al-Kheder and during the mercenaries’ departure, the mother carried a hunting rifle and followed the mercenaries. An armored vehicle carrying 7 mercenaries came then and shot Hana. She was martyred on May 19, 2016.GRISPI-NIHLA-GILAL (1)

The mother and the activist Hana Abdul-Kareem Saqer was known for her courage and daring and embodied the determination and the Arabian woman’s will, sacrificing her spirit and body for dignified life, in an expression of her resistance, a special academy was opened in her name.

Nahla became a mother, and sister to her family:

Nahla al-Kheder has taken the leadership of family of 5 children, Kafaa, Amal, Fatima, Layla and Khalaf and the father Jalal al Kheder “After her mother martyred, she continued to follow her mother’s way of raising her sisters’ good morals. She encourages her sisters to go to school.

On December 11, Nahla joined the Martyr Muhannad al-Kurd Intellectual session for the co-chairs of the communes and councils’ members in Hana Abdul-Kareem’s Academy. She is now the co-chair of her village’s commune.

On my mother’s path, I will walkGRISPI-NIHLA-GILAL (3)

Hawar news agency held an interview with Nahla, she said: “It is a great honor for me to be the daughter of this courageous heroine who was able to stand against IS mercenary, challenged them until she became a symbol and role model for all women and became the freedom and dignity martyr. She sacrificed her soul and body to proof to the world that women stand on their feet and fight mercenaries and injustice practiced against them.

“I had the courage and strength of my mother to join this course, so that I could learn more to be able to educate and train all women,” said Nahla, adding that (SDF) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) retrieved women’s confidence and spirit again after IS imposed the most violent sanctions on then.

“I will walk on my mother’s path to the end and support all women to regain their rights,” she said.

Nahla asked all women to join the training session at the academies, including the Martyr Hana Abdul-Saqer Academy, to acquire a strong personality and possess the strength to self-defense and stand against violence and injustice and claim their rights.