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Death memories haunt al-Raqqa refugees


GIRÊ SIPÎ- Stories of pain and harshness of displacement in addition to memories of death which the refugees have previously experienced before displacing to Ain Issa Camp for Refugees north of al-Raqqa.GIRI SPI-ŞIRETEN MIRINE BER DEWAM DIKE (2)

Many refugees have walked many a kilometer on foot going through an exhausting trip fleeing the battles ongoing in al-Raqqa.

Refugees overwhelmed by happiness for getting rid of battles and IS mercenaries while many of them are sad as they lost their relatives who became IS’ victims.

Hawar news agency had a chance to interview the refugee Fawza al-Ali who lived a painful story during the battles. Fawza al-Ali fled the battles and lost her husband before exiting and fleeing the mercenaries.

Fawza is 22 years old, and married 2 years ago when she was at 20.

Several years ago, the battles approached her house in Maysaloun hamlet north of al-Raqqa city, and IS mercenaries arrested her husband Issa Muhammad on charges of being a blasphemer, and they took him to an anonymous place according to what Fawza stated.

After few days, the mercenaries returned to hand Fawza over her dead husband so she planned to flee and exit.FOZIA AI AILI

Fawza said that next day, she sold whatever she possesses in al-Raqqa and paid  the smugglers in order to exit in August 25.With her brother and father, in addition to a number of her neighbors to the liberated areas by SDF

Fawza al-Ali stated that when they reached their checkpoint, SDF fighters insured a vehicle for them and sent them to Ain Issa camp whose management insured for them their needs of food and shelter.

Fawza al-Ali who is accompanied by her father, helpless, is sitting now in one of the camp’s corners. Furthermore, al-Raqqa liberation is the only wish according to what Fawza described.