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Decline of agriculture in eastern countryside in al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA– Farmers in al-Raqqa’s countryside suffer from many problems that have caused the decline of agriculture in recent years and the failure to meet the crop costs of planting, and call upon the concerned parties to consider their situation and support them to be able to revive agriculture again.

Agriculture in the first class and animal husbandry in the second class are considered the most important sources of livelihood for the people of the eastern Raqqa countryside because of irrigation projects distributed by the Euphrates River, and the volatile climate between hot in the summer and wet cold in the winter helps in the cultivation of several crops.

The main crops cultivated by the people of the region are wheat, barley, cotton and maize. As the autumn began, farmers began to plow their land and cultivate wheat and barley.

But agriculture has declined in the eastern countryside because of the lack of rain in recent years, the lack of irrigation water due to the theft of mercenaries, the large pumps that distribute irrigation water to the land, the destruction of agricultural facilities, the increase in the prices of seeds, As well as the low prices of agricultural seasons and the exposure of farmers for exploitation by traders..

Hawar news agency met with a farmer named Abu Ammar in the area, who mentioned the reasons for their suffering. He pointed out that after the theft and destruction of IS mercenaries pumps, the villagers had to rely on rain fed agriculture, but the lack of rain and high temperatures prevented the growth of crops. Some farmers were well-known for drilling artesian wells in their land for irrigation, but they also faced the problem of salinity of groundwater, which greatly affected their agriculture, in addition to the lack of fuel for the operation of diesel engines, which also rose in prices. End of the year.