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Deir ez Zor’s notables preparing to form civil council

DEIR EZ-ZOUR– A group of notables and sheikhs of Deir ez Zor’s clans are preparing to form a preparatory committee to discuss the principles and bases of the establishment of Deir ez Zor civil council.

Like the civil councils of the various cities were liberated from the grip of IS mercenaries, they were encouraged by the Syrian Democratic Forces, and with the start of the battle of al-Jazeera Tempest by the Deir ez Zor Military Council, notables and sheikhs of clans announced the establishment of the Deir ez Zor Civil Council to organize themselves in different life fields.

A group of tribal sheikhs and local persona in the city of Deir ez Zor and its villages released a statement to the public opinion. A copy of it was received by the Hawar News Agency, in which it announced the formation of some committees that will supervise the formation of a civil local council for the people of the city. To take over the duties of its administration after liberation from IS mercenaries.

The text of the clan statement is:

“The Syrian Democratic Forces and Deir ez Zor Military Council began ” al–Jazeera Tempest” campaign as a first phase of liberating the city of Deir ez Zor from the clutches of IS mercenaries, which spread the destruction, killing and displacement through Deir ez Zor land. People suffered from the successive regimes which were characterized by depriving the people of the most basic rights, while their city swim on a sea of underground resources, people suffer from thirst while the immortal Euphrates River crosses the city.

Therefore, we initiated a group of clans’ notables to call for the establishment of a preparatory committee to discuss the foundations and principles of the establishment of the Deir ez Zor Civil Council similar to the civil council of different cities liberated from the grip of terrorism which managed the cities efficiently caught the attention and respect of the world.

Our discussions resulted in the crystallization of a common vision resulting from a preparatory committee tasked with following up consultations with clans’ sheikhs, social, political and cultural activities and notables of Deir ez Zor to reach a final form that expresses the aspirations of all our people in Deir ez Zor. This results in the construction of a civil council for Deir ez Zor concerned with the administration of the city as soon as it is released

Therefore, we in the preparatory committee, as well as the notables of the dynastic clans, declare our support for the campaign of “al- Jazeera Tempest ” and the Syrian Democratic Forces and consider it the legitimate holder of our dreams of liberation and the return of displaced people to their homes. We likewise call all the jealous youth from the villages and tribes of Deir ez Zor to the Syrian Democratic Forces and its participation in the honor of fighting terrorism and defeating it from our country.

We also expect all the clans’ notables and sheikhs of the city to take their initiative and to join with all their strength in supporting these forces and their participation in undertaking responsibility. And we hope that our political, cultural and social activities will be of the best help to the liberation campaign of Deir ez Zor, and may God support us with this”.