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Demo calling for Ocelan freedom continues for 3rd day

WUPPERTAL – The Free Youth and Young Women Movement in Europe are continuing their demonstration for Ocelan freedom in the third day toward Dusseldorf city.

The Free Youth and Young Women Movement continues in the demonstration where the youth held a meeting today morning in the Kurdish House in Wuppertal city where the Kurdish community which settled in Wuppertal made a breakfast for marchers.

After having the breakfast, the youth began the demonstration with participation of Wuppertal people who took the photos with youth and supported their struggle for seeking Ocelan freedom.

The youth held Ocelans’ photos and banners that seek Ocelan freedom while they chanted slogans and playing patriotic songs.

The youth today will walk for about 30 km till Dusseldorf city where Kurdish community in Dusseldorf will receive the demonstration, the demonstration will end by going on a sit-in with participation of the Kurdish community of Dusseldorf to seek Ocelan freedom.