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“Democratic federalism did not discriminate against another race… partake elections”

NEWS DESK– Sheikh Ragheb Al-Faris, a sheikh of Zubaid tribe, which is widespread major tribe in Cizîre canton, said tha the democratic federalism guaranteed the peoples of the region full rights, and appealed to members of the Arab tribes to run for the joint presidential elections for the communes.

“As a tribal point of view, and through our experience with the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the democratic federation, we have noticed that it is the best and only solution to get Syria out of the current deadlock,” Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares told Hawar about election to be held on September 22.

Ragheb Al-Faris pointed out that democratic federalism united the peoples, components and races of the region with each other. And that the system of democratic federalism of northern Syria does not distinguish between race at the expense of another race.

As for the joint presidential elections for the communes, Sheikh Ragheb Al-Faris said that commune is a social cell and it serves and organizes the people themselves.

Ragheb Al-Faris, one of the tribal elders of Al-Zubaid appealed to the tribes of Zubaid, Arab tribes and youth groups to go to the offices of the Electoral Commission in the region to nominate themselves for the joint presidency of the communes and to go to the ballot boxes.