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 Democratic Union Party st arts its 7th conference

GIRKE LEGE-meanwhile, PYD starts its usual 7th conference under motto “From Free Rojava Toward Democratic Syria Federation” and  a new co-chair for PYD would be elected.DIREK-JEVIN-PYD ‫(1)‬

The conference is held in the meeting hall in Aram Tikran Center for Culture and Art in Rmaylan town which is related to Girkê Legê district in Cizîre region.

The representatives of parties and political organizations in Rojava and Syria are attending the conference and also representatives of civil community and Women and Youth organizations beside to the Kurdish And Arabic elders of tribes in Rojava and north Syria and the representatives of Democratic Federalism of North Syria, Syrian Democratic Council, Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM, and military forces in north Syria, and the co-chair of Kurdish Patriotic Conference KNK.

Also commissaries and guests out of Syria would attend the conference, but Kurdistan region government obstructed guests crossing till this moment, but the negotiation still progressing to allow them in Rojava.DIREK-JEVIN-PYD ‫(153158148)‬ ‫‬

Placards were been hanged in conference hall written on them “perspectives and the philosophy of Ocelan is the way of people freedom” , “the democratic policy is the base of building ecologic democratic community” , “the awareness and volition and the organization is the base of building free human” , “The democratic federal of north Syria is a guarantee of unifying and democratizing Syria”, “the rightful defense is a guarantee of communal society and free life” beside to the freedom  strugglers photos .

The conformance activities started by holding a moment of silence, then a speech was delivered on behalf of the preparative committee Amina Ousi and Telaat Yunes in English and Arabic languages.

To be continued…