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Derar: Turkey exploits weakness of state ,there are those who help it to penetrate


NEWS DESK– The co-chair of Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Derar, pointed out that Turkish occupation state exploits the weakness of the state to impose a new presence for it and there are those who help it and allow it to penetrate.

This came in a brief statement to Riad Derar on the Turkish intervention in Syrian lands and the silence of the international countries on this.

Derar said at the beginning of his speech: “With the absence of Syrian state, Syrian lands have become the property of mercenaries and several countries under various names to justify the presence and some of them with the approval of the regime such as Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Iraqi Shiites. Subjecting the factions as happened in Astana and as happened in the delivery of Aleppo in exchange for allowing it to control the Jrablous and Al-Bab.

Riad Derar, noted that Turkey has old ambitions in Syria and is exploiting the weakness of the state and the existing conflict to impose a new presence on it. “Unfortunately, there are those who help it, including the international alliances that allow it to penetrate and silence its occupation of Syrian areas, Are working to serve their objectives, including religious organizations such as the Muslim Gang who have no embarrassment in this occupation, but ask and encourage it.