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Differences arise among the Turkish occupation gangs

AL-SHAHBA- 60 Turkish occupation mercenaries have split from the Turkish army due to the low salary the provided, while the Turkish occupation army has kidnapped 15 mercenaries and taken them to unknown destinations because of the differences between them.

Informed sources told ANHA that 60 Euphrates Shield mercenaries have split from the Turkish army in al-Rai town.

The splitting resulted from Turkish occupation army breaking its promise of paying 400$ for each mercenary a month, but the Turkish occupation have paid them 400 T.L, some sources pointed out.

In the same context, some internal problems among the mercenaries in the countryside of Jarablus have pushed the Turkish occupation army to kidnap 15 mercenaries and led them to unknown destination.

The source assured that the mercenaries are having concerns about possible clashes between the Syrian regime and Turkey, particularly after the Syrian regime demanded the Turkish occupation to get out of the Syrian territories.