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Displaced fleeing from Syrian regime’s bombing to SDF ‘ areas need assistance


AL-RAQQA- The number of the displaced fleeing the regime and the bombing of Russian air force on Masijah village in al-Raqqa northern rural area, liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces, is twice as large as the indigenous population. Displaced people suffer from poor living conditions amid ignorance of the organizations and supporters of their situation.REQQA-KOCBER-DI-REVIN (2)

The village received about 150 displaced people from Ma’adan town east of al-Raqqa city, which is currently under the control of the Syrian regime. The residents live in a tragic situation in the village. Each house has a family or two from the displaced, the number of the people who are living in the same room reached sometimes to 25 persons.

The villagers rushed to provide them with assistance, such as clothes and food, when they arrived from Ma’dan city four months ago, but the aid does not suffice according to their needs.

“We fled our homes after the forces of the regime went to Ma’dan city four months ago under the indiscriminate bombardments of the Russian regime and air force. We headed towards the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces, because it is our safe haven,” said Abdul Karim al-Mousa, and for our children, and we are now working on picking cotton to secure bread.”


The head of commune of Masijah village Ahmed Abdullah al-Issa said that the villagers have provided what they can offer to the displaced, but they cannot give more, because the region emerged from the conditions of the war a while ago.

Abdul Karim al-Mousa and Ahmad al-Issa appealed the

international organizations and supporters of al-Raqqa Civil Council to help the displaced in conjunction with the onset of winter and increased requirements.

It is noteworthy that the United States said in a statement earlier that the people are fleeing Deir ez-Zor and al-Raqqa areas to areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces to escape the bombing of the Syrian regime and Russia, while Russia denied that in a statement.