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Dissident assured on IS’ collapse, mass fleeing situations

AL-TABQA- One of the dissidents from IS mercenaries who surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) disclosed a morale collapse situation in the ranks of IS, and talked about mass escape situations in al-Raqqa especially with the beginning of Wrath of Euphrates campaign in November 5.

The dissident (AG)’s family handed him over to SDF after he managed to break away IS mercenaries.

And after a permission was obtained from SDF, our agency interviewed (AG).

As SDF progressed, a number of the mercenaries threw their guns and fled

(AG) said “after SDF proceeded towards the city, dozens of IS mercenaries broke down as they threw their weapons and fled the city. In addition, most of those who fight in the ranks of IS are foreign and they are Sudanese, Chechens, Dagestanis, Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians and a huge number of them are Turkish.

The young man added “more than 150 mercenaries fled from a hospital in al-Raqqa city, some of them were wounded and others were supervisors on the hospital. In addition, one of them stole 30,000 $.

(AG) noted “IS mercenaries were dealing in dollars after they failed to promote their own currency”.

Those fleeing if caught, will be executed by Saudis

(AG) who stayed for 5 months with IS assured “as the number of the escaped was increasing, some of them broke away and went out among the civilians, and some of them were arrested and liquidated soon, while who were cutting off the heads were exclusively the Saudis”.

Most of the commands were foreigners

(AG) stated “most of the commanders in al-Raqqa that were visible to us were from Homs, Hama and a proportion of Turks, and each commander has a gang of mercenaries that have space communication devices and computers, and they have information of the all area, and in the same point, there were suicide bombers in addition to booby-trapped vehicles ready to detonate.

They hid their defeats by talking about Roma conquering

The young man assured that as SDF progressed, the mercenaries’ morale broke down so the commanders there were talking about Rome conquering.

Everyone in the ranks of IS must return to their home 

(AG) called for everyone holds a gun to throw it and return to their home, and said “I surrendered myself to SDF that treated me well.

The dissident (AG) was tempted by IS and underwent to training on light weapons in special caves in Hama governorate. Then, (AG) was taken to Deir ez-Zor city, and after a while, he got a permission to go and see his family in al-Raqqa, and in the end, he was able to reach the liberated areas by SDF.