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Distribution of fuel to Ain Issa, al-Raqqa people still ongoing


GIRE SIPI – Fuel Committee has distributed 8 million liters of heating fuel oil on the people of Ain Issa and al-Raqqa city, in addition to the distribution of 197 thousand liters of diesel fuel to schools.

As part of the continued distribution of diesel fuel, Feul Committee in Ain Issa  district  of Gire Sipi canton, 8 million liters of heating fuel to Ain Issa people and al-Raqqa city and its countryside.

The Committee has now continued to distribute them to al-Salhiyah, al-Sakourah, and Helou al-Abd villages, and will then be distributed to al-Rahiyat, al-Asadiyah, al-Yarmouk, Shenenah and al-Kahtaniyah villages.

The committee also distributed 33,000 liters of heating fuel to the schools of Ain

Issa and its countryside, and 159 000 to al-Raqqa and its countryside’s schools.

“In addition to helping the people, we support Ovens and Mills Committee with 450 000 liters of diesel and homogeneous with 80000 liters per month, and we support the mechanisms of servicing the councils of cars and water tanks and others.