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Divans… heritage, originality of Arab tribes



GERÊ SIPÎ Divans are considered one of the priorities of every Arab tribe, characterized by a place to solve social problems and to make decisions at the clan or tribal level and a place to honor the guest, the” divans”, which are range from tents to houses made of mud.


The Arab tribes need it as a place to meet the people of the clan or the villages, to handle the news, resolve the differences and make important decisions at the clan or village level, and to receive guests and do their duties.

And honoring of the guest Arab tribes are well known for, and the presence of the bitter coffee is closely linked to the presence of divans.

The inhabitants of each tribe considered divans as a school to teach children about eloquence, customs, traditions, poetry and others. It is called “school councils” by the Arabs, as well as a place for resolving differences between the people and the clan.

Nawaf Trad al-Houran, one of the elders of the al-Fadan clan, who oversee Divan al-Fadan from al-Thamriya village in the countryside of west Ain Issa, told Hawar agency “The prominent role of divan is to solve the difficult issues since the time of the Syrian regime. Most of the problems were difficult, so those differences were turned to divan and there are processed and resolved.

Divan between past and the presentGRI SPI-DIWANIYA MIRAS U ETNIKIBUNA QEBILEN EREBA (5)

The divans have been known to the Arabs, and inhabitants of the tents since ancient times. Its former existence was confined to the house of Shaykh al-Qabila or a prominent person. It was distinguished as a place for resolving issues and problems. The decisions were issued by wars, treaties and invasions.

As a result of the development and the existence of houses made of mud and cement at the present time and the need to keep pace with development built divans of cement and varied sizes and different forms.

Divan is not limited to the tribal sheik or a prominent person only. Anyone can build and entertain parents and relatives for fun and spending their time.

The divans were affected by the wars in the regionNIOAF

Since divan is a center for the gathering of people and villagers, and in accordance with the policy of terrorist organizations and armed factions to prevent people from trading in the political affairs witnessed in the region and as a deterrent to the people from informing them about what is happening around them, divan was prevented.

Nawaf al-Houran pointed out that divan took a greater role after liberation from IS mercenaries and restrictions imposed on them after the occupation of the region by mercenaries. Divan restored its role in resolving issues and problems along with the councils and committees to solve the issues that came to the society during the rule of IS mercenaries.