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Dozens of families from Deir ez-Zor reach Jazira Canton

HESKE – Dozens of families who had to leave their homes in and around Deir ez-Zor due to the persecution of ISIS have reached the Kizwan Mountain region.

Dozens of families from Deir ez-Zor who are trying to be used as human shields by ISIS, subjected to persecution and oppression, are heading for the territory of Rojava.

One of the migrants who arrived in the Jazira Canton said that they had come face to face with death in Deir ez-Zor because of the conflicts between the Baath regime and the gangs of ISIS and due to the bombardment of warplanes.

Another migrant said that they had sold everything they owned to save their lives and that they had come to Rojava and finally reached peace.

A migrant who didn’t want to state his name said that hundreds of other families from the ISIS occupied territories were waiting to be rescued.

The Deir ez-Zor residents called on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to open a corridor for migrants to reach safe zones.