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Dozens of Raqqan families reach liberated areas

RAQQA – Dozens of families who survived the occupation of the ISIS gangs have reached areas liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters.REQA-BI -HEZARAN-KOCEBER-XWE-GIHANDIN-CIHEN-BI-EWLE1

In Raqqa, dozens of families who migrated from the villages under the occupation of the ISIS gangs headed to areas liberated by the Operation Wrath of Euphrates fighters in eastern Raqqa.

Ebdulkerîm Ehmed, a survivor of the persecution of ISIS, said that gangs did not allow any citizen to come out of their own regions and that they were using civilians as human shields.

Ebdulkerîm Ehmed called on SDF fighters to liberate remaining Raqqa villages from the gangs as soon as possible. Ehmed, who also called on the people of the region, asked them to help SDF fighters in the liberation of the region.

Another migrant named Lemya Husên thanked the SDF fighters for rescuing them and she said, “I saw freedom here. I have been rescued from the tyrants, from the persecution, I hope all our people will be saved from this persecution.”