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Draft law on the duty of self-defense in the class will be referred to the Legislative Council


Al- TABQA – The Democratic  civil Administration will forward a draft resolution to the duty of self-defense to the Legislative Council of al- Tabqa to vote on it.

The Democratic Civil Administration of  al- tabqa region has held a meeting was attended by the  co –chair of Administration, Hind al Ali, the  Co – Chair of the Defense Committee, Mohammed Ali Khalid, and other Co- Chairs of the Executive Council Committees.

During the meeting, the defense committee presented a draft law on the duty of self-defense. And was approved by the Executive Board of the Democratic Civil Administration of  al-Tabqa  area to discussingit

After the adoption of the draft resolution by the Civil Administration, it is expected to be referred to the Legislative Council of the class to vote on it.

If the Legislative Council passes the draft resolution, it will become effective in al- Tabqa and its countryside.

The vote on the draft resolution has  not to be determined yet .