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Earning money and decorating city with graffiti


AMÛDÊ – Mehmûd Bozo, a graffitist from Amûdê, both decorates the city walls and earn money by decorating the walls of the houses in the city.

There were not graffiti paintings before in Rojava. It is a type of art originally from Korea and China. Mehmûd Bozo who is 60 years old and had been working in Damascus learned graffiti from Korean and Chinese masters. After the civil war, Bozo came to Rojava and colored and decorated the street walls in Cizîre Canton. His paintings give a different color to the city and the houses recontructed.

He also taught graffiti tecniques to his children who now work in North and South Kurdistan to make money.

ANHA correspondents Zekîye Bîco and Tehanî Hemo in Amûdê took several pictures of Bozo’s works.