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Eating food with hands, an inherited tradition amongst Arabs 

AL-TABQA- Table etiquettes differ from a nation to another, Arabs and particularly clans are still preserving their traditions as they eat food with right hand, so what is the story behind it?REQQA-CIMA-GELE-EREB-BI-DESTA-XWRNE-DUXIN ‫(1)‬

Some peoples agree in their etiquettes with others in their lifestyle, but Arabs in particular feel the temperature of food before eating it with hands.

Most people eat with their right hand, so are Arabs who eat with right hand, while the left one is not approved of eating with.

Eating with the right hand goes back, according to some stories, to the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) who was known for good hospitality, and his deep sense of cleanness and purity.

This old tradition was taken from the Arabian Peninsula to the Levant, so there was not a need to use spoons as they were used to eating with their hands.

Muhanad al-Hamad, one of al-Tabqa people says” gathering like this to eat al-Mansef (boiled rice and meat) and eating with your hands is an indication of fraternity and strong ties that people have at feasts. REQQA-CIMA-GELE-EREB-BI-DESTA-XWRNE-DUXIN ‫(2)‬ ‫‬

Eating al-Mansef differs, some eat with all five fingers if the food is rice of wheat or with three if it is meat.

During such occasions, everybody is invited to the feast, the poor and the rich which is a clear indication of humbleness and strong ties that connect the community.

While eating with the left hand is strongly frowned at because it is an indication of arrogance and insolence and disrespect to the other eaters.