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Educational centers opened for al-Raqqa refugee children

AIN ISSA- The Education Committee in al-Raqqa Civil Council started preparation for opening centers to teach refugee children in the Ain Issa camp, till now 2 tents have been opened for this purpose, it has been reported.celal-eyaf-300x169

The committee is getting ready to open other 3 tents for children in addition to the 2 opened earlier.

The first stage will be teaching children letters till the books and syllabuses are provided, according to the Education Committee.

The committee will set 2 shifts for children, one starting from the morning till the noon hours, while the other will begin from the noon till afternoon.

The administrative Jalal Ayaf in the Ain Issa camp said that after years, schools opened their doors for students, but because of poor possibilities and lack of support, the new session was will be begun in the tents.

Jalal noted that schools are in desperate need of support and possibilities, so he appealed to international organizations to provide them support.

School opening was not made clear yet in the camp.