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Egyptian researcher: Attacks on Afrin is a product interests’ convergence


NEWS DESK – Egyptian researcher Fernaz Attia said that “the aggression on Afrin is the result of an agreement between the Turks, Russians and Iranians in Sochi, in which they aim to hit the federal project because it threatens their interests and projects in the region.”

As for these attacks and their objectives and regional positions, Egyptian researcher Ferenaz Attieh told Hawar news agency “The Turkish state has launched attacks on Afrin canton for the second week in a row amid shy reactions from nations and humanitarian organizations, while the Russian and Iranian positions were agreeing with the Turks.”

Egyptian researcher Fernaz Attia said that “there are concessions made by Russia to Turkey serves the attack on the area of Afrin, which was where some of the Russian forces that withdrew before the start of the attack on the areas identified by Turkey.”

She pointed out that it should not be forgotten that all countries seek to achieve their interests. “For Russia, the attack on Afrin was intended to put the United States in conflict with its allies in the Middle East region in general and regional feuds like Turkey. On the other hand, Russia seeks to maintain al-Assad regime for as long as possible because it is an ally of Russia in the region and keep on the other hand on Syria as agreed in Sochi between Iran, Turkey and Russia.

She added “For both Iran and Turkey, they want to destroy the federal project that was created in Syria because it threatens the interests of the two countries in the region and threatens their national security in the eyes of both countries, especially after the protests in Iran and after the election of democratic peoples in Turkey.”

Turkey knows very well that the Kurds are not terrorists, but claims to justify their bombing

On the convergence of interests between Russians, Turks and Iranians, the Egyptian researcher noted that some sources confirmed that Erdogan intends to escalate his offensive to areas in northern Iraq, which in turn serves the two countries and Russia as well and thus there is a consensus of interests between the three countries and what is happening on the ground is the evidance of what they agreed upon and the insistence of Turkey to exclude the Kurds from the Sochi Conference, which confirms that the so-called “olive branch” is an agreement of interests between the three countries.

On the Egyptian and Arab position, Franaz Attiaa said “As for the Egyptian position on the Turkish attacks on Afrin, of course, Egypt rejects this violence .”