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Election co-chair of councils in Jaqmaq Town, its municipalities

AFRIN –The Executive Body of the Constituent Councils of the Democratic Federation in North Syria was held a meeting for the members of the council of Jaqmq al-Khbeer town which is related to Rajo region to elect the co-chair of the town councils and the People’s Municipality.rohlat aref

The meeting began with a minute of silence, then the internal system of communes were read by the co-chair of Afrin Canton Council Sharif Jemmu .

Then  members have sworn in Jakmaq Khbeer  town .

The member of the Executive Body of North Syria Federation, Rohilat Aref, spoke about the mechanism of work and how to deal with the new system, and stressed the building of harmonious relations between the committees and the formation of continuous contact relations with the people.

During the meeting, the co-chairs of Rajo region and the heads of Rajo district council were briefed on the members of the local council of Jaqmaq town.EFRIN-RECO-HELBIJARTIN-BELDA-CAQMAQE (4)

Hanan and Nazliya Salman  were elected during the meeting as  the co-chair of the Municipality of People in Jaqmaq town .