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Electricity reaches to 80% of al-Tabqa, its countryside


Al-TABQA- The Directorate of Energy in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa region said that electricity is supplied to about 80% of al-Tabqa city and its countryside, in parallel with the maintenance of the fifth turbine in the Euphrates dam, while efforts to feed the entire city with electricity is continued.TIBQA-MTURI-AVI-GHA-80-3-300x200

The administration of the Euphrates hydroelectric dam, located north of Al-Tabqa city announced that it has begun work on repairing the fifth turbine and its ignition group.

The workers of the Euphrates dam are still insisting on achieving more achievements after they managed in the past few months to manage the wheels of the first, eighth and third turbines to connect the Euphrates dam with both the Rojava and the freedom dams after it was followed by the destruction of the technical and mechanical sectors.

In this context, the administrator called the Engineer Ali al-Rawi “to invest these successes by focusing on the development of the mechanism of the work in the dam.”

On the other hand, the technical supervisor of the dam, Eng. Ahmed Bro, said that the dam has generated good quantities of electrical energy. He pointed out that the first turbine generates about 100 megawatts per hour while the third generates an estimated 80 megawatts.TIBQA-MTURI-AVI-GHA-80-4-300x200

He pointed out that the interest of engineers and technicians currently is heading towards the fifth turbine and its group where they started maintenance work, which is expected to be tested in the coming days.

He added that the distribution station is currently supplying the al-Tabqa and its countryside stream

Power supply capacity of 20 MW.

Electricity has returned to most of al-Tabqa area gradually to cover about 80% of the city and its countryside a month ago.