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Emergency session to League of Arab States on Trump’s moves towards Jerusalem

NEWS DESK– The League of Arab States over all Arab foreign ministers will hold an extraordinary session on Saturday to consider the upcoming announcement of the American president on his country’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The League of Arab States is preparing to hold an emergency meeting at the request of Palestine and Jordan to discuss the moves in response to the decision of the United States to transfer its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and to consider it as the capital of Israel.

A memorandum to the representative of Palestine State said that the meeting would discuss “discussing the Arab movements due to this possible change in the American position that affects the status of Jerusalem and its legal and historical status.”

The memorandum considered that this declaration was considered “a flagrant violation of international law, the relevant Security Council resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

An official Arab diplomatic source in Cairo confirmed that the meeting would be held on Saturday afternoon. Article 11 of the rules of procedure of the Arab League Council states that if two countries request an emergency meeting, the meeting will be held.

US president told both Abbas and a number of regional leaders his insistence on moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and thus considering it as the capital of Israel, which led to escalating reactions and pressures Palestinian, Arab and international  In an attempt to prevent the signing of US President Donald Trump today a decree provides for it