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Energy Directorate expects full lighting in al-Tabqa within two days


AL-TABQA-The workshop of the Electricity Directorate of the Economic Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa city continues its work in the rehabilitation of the electric transport and nutrient networks in order to illuminate the city fully during the next two days.TEBQA-JEKRNA-ELKTRIKI (3)

After supplying the city with electricity for almost a month, the village section has been fully replenished, with the exception of one feeder located in al-Mahajea area currently under maintenance and will enter service in the next few days.

As for al-Ahia section, the second neighborhood was fully fed, and the third neighborhood was completely complete except for one feeder under maintenance. In the first nighborhood, 3 feeders are equipped in parallel with the rehabilitation of the medium transmission network.

According to the co-chair of the Directorate of Electricity in the Economic Committee, Engineer Asaad al-Saleh, “more than 90 percent of the city has been fed since the start of maintenance work and so far by self-help and in cooperation with the administration of the Euphrates Dam and workshops in it and for the maintenance work in al-Tabqa rural areas continues and will be completed during the few coming period “.

In the rural areas of the city, electricity was delivered to the “eastern countryside: al-Mansoura, al-Hamam, Heneida, Kadiran, Abu Qubai, al-Salhabia, al-Yamamah, al-Sehl, al-Barouda, al-Swaidia SageraTEBQA-JEKRNA-ELKTRIKI (2)

Western countryside: al-Buasi al-Grein

Northern countryside: al-Jarniah, Jaber, Saigul, al-Mahmudli and all surrounding villages.

In support of the work of electricity workshops in the city, al -Jazeera region provided several equipment that contributed to accelerating the rehabilitation of networks and equipment. They are: 6 transformers, 200 reels, 10 reels of oil, four cutter of 80 amperes, cutter of 630 amp, dredge of 3000 meters by 35 mm section “.

According to the Directorate of Electricity will be lighting the city fully during the next two days and after that will be studied plan to install a breaker can be 10 amps for each house in order to maintain the balance of electric power and reduce waste.