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Era Resistance blew up seventy poets’ talents

AL_TABQA- Era Resistance in Afrin inspired a poet of the 1970s, a poem she wrote to praise Era Resistance of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“Afrin Glory” a poem title created by the 70th poet , Siham al-Turky, where she described in her poem the beauty of Afrin land, people, olive, and resistance.

In an interview with ANHA with the poet Siham, she spoke about the policy of the AK Party and its ambitions in the Syrian territories, citing the policy of Ottoman occupation in previous eras and the ethnic genocide practiced by the Union and the Ottoman Progressive Society and Erdogan’s attempt to follow his predecessors’ policy by free army’s mercenaries.

She also praised the resistance shown by the (SDF) fighters and (YPJ, YPG) in Afrin and condemned the acts of the free army mercenaries to represent the body of a (YPJ) fighter, which took the martyrdom of the most heroic heroism and redemption and became an example for the fighting resistance women.

Siham has pointed to the failure of those calling themselves the Syrian coalition, describing them as Dinar slaves and that they are trying to sell Syria to the new Ottoman occupier as their predecessors sold the Iskenderun Brigade.