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Erdogan’s dictatorship is a lecture’s topic in Sweden

NEWS DESK- The committee of Solidarity with Kurdistan in coordination with Marksist Research Center organized in the Sweden capital Stockholm a lecture about violations of the human rights by Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan.

The journalist Joachim Medin, the head of the International Jurists Coordination section in Sweden May Kritz, and the parliamentarian of Democratic Peoples’ Party in Ilah, Sadt Bejrikly attended the lecture.

The head of Solcord, Ann Marcrath Lief started the lecture under the title of “Issues that opened against democratic people, Turkish situation in general”. And she said, “the Kurdish people and the Democratic Peoples’ Party are exposed to great pressures and attacks.”

Lief noted that the International Society stays silent towards these attacks, and assured that they as a committee stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people.

While the journalist Joachim Medin pointed out that the victory on IS in Rojava and the victory of the Democratic Peoples’ Party in the elections of June terrified Erdogan and his government, and continued “Erdogan got frightened of his government’s collapse so that he started attacking the Kurdish people.”

While May Kritz, the head of the International Jurists Coordination section in Sweden said that Turkey does not abide by the promises of international human rights which it signed them itself.

The parliamentary of Kurdish Ilah, Sadt Bejrikly noted that the human rights in Turkey have been violated, and she noted that the violations have increased during the last half and two years.

Bejrikly stated that the civilians were killed two year ago in Jazeer, Sor, Nusaybin, Kavar, Hazekh and Şirnax, and she made it clear that the government is not able to hide what have done there.