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Escaping ISIS, 3,000 refugees reach the liberated regions

GIRÊ SPÎ- Around 3,000 refugees of Raqqa residents escaping ISIS mercenaries have reached the liberated villages by Wrath of Euphrates forces. giri-sipi-3000-kocber-9

According to Refugees Affairs Committee formed by the Autonomous Administration in Til Abyad in collaboration with Wrath of Euphrates operation room, 3,000 refugees from Hazima and Hukumiya region arrived yesterday to Ain Issa region.

Jalal al-Mahmoud, member of Refugees Affairs Committee, said that the refugees will be provided with every possible help pointing out to the poor possibilities the committee can provide to the refugees.

In a relevant concern, many refugees arriving at the liberated regions have expressed happiness for their liberation from ISIS gangs and one of the refugees at 10 appealed, with eyes full of tears, SDF to save her friends there.

Haj Ismail al-Sayid said that were experiencing tough conditions till one of SDF fighters told them to leave in peace, we are able to describe our feelings, the day of our liberation is an Eid as they used to maltreat us.    giri-sipi-3000-kocber-8

Ahlam Khoder thanked SDF for liberating them from the ISIS gangs, and the efforts they have made to free Raqqa.

Refugees Affairs Committee in collaboration with Wrath of Euphrates operation room have relocated 8,000 refugees to their villages in al-Hisha and its neighborhood and have removed mines there too.