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Establishing PKK broke barbarism walls beside women

ALEPPO – Educated women in Aleppo city assured that women after Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) establishment and  through the philosophy of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan broke the walls of barbarism, and outdated customs and traditions until they have reached their current stage Rojava and North Syria.

On the 40th anniversary of PKK establishment  that coincides 27th of this month, Hawar news agency has met a number of educated women in Aleppo in al-Sheikh Maqsoud and the eastern neighborhoods, in which they expressed their support for the party’s thought and philosophy which supported the women’s liberation and equality with men at every place and time.RIUHA HIMAMI

Raw’a Hamama, a teacher at a school in the eastern neighborhoods said that the thought that has been adopted by PKK about women libration had positive effects on women, especially Arab women. Raw’a continued “the thought that has been adopted by PKK has motivated women to exit the prison imposed on them by the old customs of the society which view at women as a machine to give birth and do the domestic works only.”

Rawwa completed her speech “after the party’s thought and its precious struggle that has been leading for 40 years have spread among the society, the women have been encouraged to demand their freedom, and then, they have exited to the work and struggle domains and have become examples for all women.”SEIVIN EBDO

The French teacher, Sevin Abdu, stressed that women put their printer at all life domains after they broke the barbarism walls by virtue of PKK’s  thought which based on the leader Abdullah Ocelan’s thought .

“Women have made great steps by virtue of the leader Abdullah Ocelan thought defying all the outdated customs of the society, and women have proved thanks to the leader’s thought that they can accomplish much with their free will,” she added.SOUZAN MAMO

Suzan Mamo, a teacher of Kurdish Language in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood also said that the leader Abdullah Ocelan’s thought who is the base of PKK was the only thought that admitted women and demanded their rights and freedom by the authoritarian society’s mentality against women.”

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