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Euphrates region: accepted candidates’ names, electoral center’s number disclosed

KOBAΖ The High Electoral Commission in the Euphrates region disclosed the names of the accepted candidates who were applied for the elections of local administrations’ councils in the region and the number of the centers in addition to the number of the ballot boxes.

Before starting the elections that would be held in December 1, 2017 in the three regions in North Syria, the High Electoral Commission disclosed on Tuesday the names of the accepted candidates whose number reached 1,170 candidates while the High Commission declared that 4 candidates in Girê Sipî (Tel Abyad) canton have been refused as they do not have the qualifications required for candidacy.

In this context, the co-chair of the commission Shahin Ali said that the 4 candidates submitted an application for reconsideration, and they would be reviewed during the next two days by the commission.

Furthermore, the number of the electoral centers in the region reached 254, 150 centers of them have been determined in Kobani and the other 104 have been distributed in Girê Sipî canton. Moreover, the commission mentioned that 1,524 teachers have been prepared to supervise the electoral operation in coordination with the Education Body in Kobanî canton and the Education Committee in Girê Sipî canton.

In a relevant context, the commission disclosed the number of the ballot boxes that would be put in the towns which is 312 ballot boxes, and 304 ballot boxes would be put in the districts.